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50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

The 50 caliber round is a bullet originally designed for use in the Browning Machine Gun. But the 50 caliber cartridge is also commonly used in sniper rifles. A 50 caliber sniper rifle was used by Canadian Corporal Rob Furlong when be made the longest-range sniper kill. The distance was one and a half miles.

50 caliber sniper rifles are used primarily for anti-material and counter sniping measures. Anti-material operations are attacks against non human targets. Some of these might include structures, support vehicles, and equipment. This, however, doesn't mean they aren't used against human targets too. Currently, 50 caliber sniper rifles are being used by American Forces to blow up improvised explosive devices from a safe distance. These large, heavy rifles are usually semiautomatic. Due to their weight, 50 caliber sniper rifles usually require two or three man sniper teams, consisting of two shooters and a spotter.

Police snipers also employ the 50 caliber sniper rifle in situations where hostages have been taken. Police 50 caliber sniper rifles are generally of better quality than their military counterparts. One of the reasons for these discrepancies may be that the military issue must be carried to the kill point, so durability is a must. Police models do not have to be able to stand up to such abuse. Military sniper rifles must also be light enough to be carried long distances and stand up to the weather as well. The police issue doesn't have these limitations.

There are a large number of 50 caliber sniper rifles. Some of them are the AI Arctic Warfare .50, the Armalite AR-50, the Barrett M82A1, the Barrett M82, the Barrett M90, the Barrett M95, the Barrett M99, the Black Arrow M93, the EDM Arms Windrunner, the KSVK 12.7,the Gepard anti-materiel rifles, the M500, the M650, the McMillan TAC-50, the Mechem NTW-20, the OSV-96, the PGM UR Hecate II, the RT-20, the Steyr IWS 2000, the Steyr .50 HS, the SVN-98, the Tor (WKW Wilk), the Truvelo .50, the Vidhwansak (Indian), and the Zastava M93.