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AirSoft on the Rise in the U.S.

Airsoft is a rapidly growing sport in the U.S. And why not? It offers the excitement and action of simulated battle in a safe scenario. It can teach comradery between teammates and teach individuals how to rely on themselves and others to accomplish the goal. It can teach strategy and communication skills to a young player or it can be a team of professional soldiers honing their skills for real combat. Whatever it may be today, it has certainly grown in the twenty years since it began.

The first airsoft guns were seen in the early 80's in Japan. They first came as a solution to a problem; guns were banned in Japan. Airsoft weapons were made to be affordable and safe, so long as the basic safety rules are followed, so the demand for airsoft guns grew rapidly. Airsoft continues to be huge in Japan and in other Asian countries, and now it is starting to see a rise in the U.S. and Canada as well. As more and more players join the game, the competitions become larger and more complex.

Newer and better technology lead to other airsoft products that raised the bar on the competition of the game. As better guns came out, clothes and armors became lighter and tougher. Airsoft guns were soon very realistic simulations of the actual military weapons, complete with metal parts. Guns changed from spring powered models to electric airsoft guns and gas powered guns too. Some games wouldn't be considered "games" at all, with soldiers or law enforcement officers training in combat situations and other high-alert scenarios with heavy, metal guns and full protective armor and equipment. These training sessions are an invaluable tool for individuals who face these kinds of situations in real life so they can be prepared for the real thing.

But certainly a person dosen't have to be involved in the military or law enforcement to enjoy the sport of airsoft. The sport has players of both sexes and of all ages. It can be a group of youth trying an exciting outdoor activity or a company of men playing as a corporate teamwork activity. Shooting enthusiasts enjoy Airsoft guns because of their realistic feel. For example, the gas powered airsoft gun is much less bulky and more realistic than the gas powered paintball gun. As the sport continues to grow, players can be assured that there will be plenty of excitement as new fields, games, and guns continue to come out.