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The Airsoft g36

The Heckler and Koch g36 assault rifle was designed in the 1990s and is the standard rifle of the German armed forces. It was designed to take the place of the assault rifle that was in use at the time, which was designed in the 1950s. It utilizes a NATO 5.56x45mm round and fires at an astounding 750 rounds a minute. It has the ability to fire tens of thousands of rounds without needing to be cleaned. The weapon can be broken down and cleaned without tools because of a system of cross pins. In it's full sized form, the rifle is just under a meter long, however there are variants in other sizes. The rifle is said to be versatile and extremely reliable.

Besides the german armed forces, there are several other forces that use the g36. These include: The Chilean Army, The Cypriot National Guard, French Special Forces, The Finnish Border Guard, The Irish Army Rangers, Malaysian Special Forces, The Norwegian Navy, The Poland Police Special Forces, The Philippine Navy, The Portuguese Special Forces, The Thai Navy Seals, The Spanish Army, The British Army, and The Los Angeles Police Department to name some.

Since this advanced assault rifle is legally unobtainable to civilians, it only stands to reason that the airsoft replica version is popular with gun collectors and enthusiasts. The airsoft version features a four hundred seventy round clip, plenty of ammo for drawn out fire-fights, and is about 720 millimeters long. It weighs a light 2744 grams and has an astonishing muzzle velocity of 290 to 310 feet per second. It has a fiberglass body, a folding stock, a metal flash suppressor, and a metal gearbox. The airsoft g36 is currently one of the most popular airsoft assault rifles with milsim airsoft players.