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Airsoft Grenades

Some airsoft games involve the use of pyrotechnics, which are small explosive grenades of several types. There are grenades which fire out plastic pellets to replicate the shrapnel of a grenade, smoke grenades which provide cover to move and fire from behind, and flashbangs which let out a very bright light, accompanied by loud bang, for the purpose of distracting and confusing the opposite team. Several companies make airsoft grenades and sell them on the internet or at hobby shops where airsoft guns and accessories are sold. There are also instructions on the internet showing willing players how to make their own from common household items and chemicals.

Smoke grenades have been in play in airsoft longer than pellet type grenades, due to the fact that smoke grenades existed for military use long before airsoft. In it's inception, airsoft players sometimes used old Naval rescue smoke flares, but this has since been banned in airsoft play, due to the toxicity of the smoke. Since then, nontoxic smoke grenades have been introduced.

Another popular type of grenade with airsoft enthusiasts is the flashbang pyrotechnic. As the name implies, this grenade makes a loud noise and a bright light. These are useful to disorient the enemy, or to make him confused regarding the location of enemy players. Flashbang grenades are rather dangerous, as they can cause hearing loss and temporary blindness in some cases. It is ill advised to throw one too close to enemy positions.

Airsoft grenades that throw pellets have been described in the past as unreliable at best and worthless at worst. There have been complaints that airsoft fragmentation grenades did not consistently explode on impact, and when they did, results were considerably less than impressive. However, current models seem to be improving on areas where previous model fell short. It only stands to reason that, with the growing popularity of the game, as well as it's ever increasing western market, that designs for airsoft grenades will keep improving.