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Airsoft Guns

Airsoft is a combat game in which players attack opponents by shooting them with plastic pellets that are shot from an airsoft gun. Players use different kinds of airsoft guns, most based on real firearms. Airsoft began in Japan, as an alternative for gun collectors, because firearms are nearly impossible to own there. This is why the airsoft guns are such perfect replicas of actual firearms. There was a demand for a gun replica that could be used for practice.

As the guns are made to resemble actual firearms, there are many different models of airsoft guns. These range from replicas of the most current firearms in military use, such as the FN P90, to replicas of guns that were in use during World War Two. The varieties are almost endless, and there is an airsoft gun fitting for any style of play. There are airsoft sniper rifles, assault rifles, pistols, and even rocket launchers and grenades. Prices of these guns range from three dollars to over five hundred for the more advanced models.

The guns are illegal some countries. This is either because airsoft guns are considered a type of air weapon in those places, or because copyright law forbids the replication of weapons that resemble so closely the genuine article. Other countries have laws that regulate certain aspects of the guns, such as maximum muzzle velocity, and require special markings, such as orange tips, to help differentiate the airsoft guns from actual firearms. Currently the game is gaining support in the United States and Canada.