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The Heckler and Koch mp5 (short for machine pistol 5) was introduced in 1966 for use by the West German border patrol. After the attack on Jewish athletes by the Palestinian terrorist group Black September at the 1972 summer olympics at Munich, the GSG 9 (which is the counter-terrorism unit of the German Federal Police,) adopted the weapon as well. Due to it's small size and accuracy and reliability, it has been a favored weapon of military and law enforcement forces for over thirty years. Heckler and Koch also make a variant of the weapon for use by the United States Navy.

Unfortunately, however, recent advances in body armor have made the mp5 ineffective against a heavily armored adversary. But it's not just the mp5 that faces the danger of becoming obsolete. The submachine gun, due to it's small caliber bullets has taken a back seat to other weapons that are more effective against body armor, such as the p90. Due to these advancements in body armor, the future of the mp5, and other sub machine guns are uncertain.

The design of the MP5, originally a submachine gun made by Heckler and Koch, has been very popular with airsoft enthusiasts. Perhaps the main reason for it's popularity is the fact that civilians cannot own a real one. Several airsoft manufacturers offer airsoft guns that are based off the design of the mp5. Also, the small size of the airsoft mp5 makes it an ideal weapon for indoor play, where a larger sized airsoft rifle might be cumbersome and limit movement, or break if you hit it's long barrel against the wall during a frenzied fire fight.