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Airsoft p90

The p90 is the newest innovation in weaponry introduced to deal with improvements in body armor. It is manufactured by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, and features a bull pup design and a fifty round magazine, which is located on top of the weapon, so that the need for a bulky and cumbersome magazine is eliminated. It was designed to be effective against ever improving body armor by utilizing small caliber bullets fired at a high velocity. Nato expressed a need for just such a weapon on April 16, 1989, as regular small arms pistol fire were becoming increasingly useless against enemies in body armor, and due to the fact that assault rifles, which had no trouble piercing body armor, were too large and bulky for close quarters combat. It entered into service in 1994, but it's innovative design is still a surprise to civilians, who have not seen much of the weapon.

It is a blowback-operated, select fire weapon which features both semiautomatic and automatic modes of firing. The clear magazine, which is located on top of the weapon, makes checking the amount of remaining ammunition easy. It is made mostly of lightweight composite materials, making it very light. The p90 also features very little recoil, and spent rounds are ejected downwards, out of the weapon.

The FN P90 represents the top of the line military weaponry, and as such, will most likely never be available to the public. While you may never be able to own the P90, several airsoft gun manufacturers offer airsoft replicas of the weapon. In fact, it's futuristic design, as well as other innovative features makes it one on the most popular designs for airsoft guns to replicate.