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Airsoft Rocket Launcher

A rocket launcher is a portable antitank weapon designed so that a soldier in the field would have no trouble carrying it or employing it against enemy tanks or bunkers. It is sometimes called a bazooka. It was first introduced during the Second World War, when the American armed forces infantry commonly used it against enemy tanks. It utilized a high explosive ant-tank shell. A rocket launcher employs a recoilless system of rocket delivery developed by Doctor Robert H. Goddard while he was working on the United States' rocket propulsion project. He developed it for use in World War One, and demonstrated it on November 6, 1918. The project never saw mass development or implementation, however, as World War One ended just two days later. Another important development for the rocket launcher was the invention of a "shape-charged hand grenade" capable of destroying up to four inches of armor by Charles Munroe. The weapon was too heavy to be effectively thrown, and would not be usable until Army Colonel Leslie Skinner suggested loading it into an experimental rocket launcher he had developed. It was the most effective antitank weapon at the time.

An airsoft rocket launcher is used to deliver a large payload of plastic bb's to a location down field, hopefully peppering enemy positions there. Airsoft rocket launchers usually use green gas, HFC134a, or regular propane as a propellant to launch the projectiles. However, it is common knowledge that this type of airsoft weapon has a long way to go before it is perfected. There are several airsoft manufacturers that offer airsoft rocket launchers. One such, Sun Project, is known for their grenade launchers and similar items.