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Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft is a shooting game in which players disqualify opponents by shooting them with plastic pellets using an airsoft gun. Players use different kinds of airsoft weapons based on real firearms, as well as realistic uniforms. Airsoft began in Japan, as an alternative for gun enthusiasts, because firearms are extremely difficult to own there, due to gun laws. This is perhaps why airsoft weapons are such painstaking copies of actual guns.

MilSim is a version of airsoft play that often combines military themed role-play with airsoft play. In these simulated military campaigns several objectives or goals are presented to both teams, perhaps the occupation of a certain hill, or the tagging of a certain target. For the accomplishment of these goals, it is often necessary to employ different types of troops, each outfitted in such a way that each specializes in a certain type of play. For instance, on squad could be equipped for a full frontal assault, carrying a large cache' of grenades, assault rifles capable of extended cover fire, and perhaps a rocket launcher. Another group of troops may be outfitted lightly, to achieve high levels of mobility, for the purposes of flanking an enemy position.

Perhaps the most important part of a milsim airsoft team would be the airsoft sniper. An airsoft sniper would be equipped with a special airsoft sniper rifle capable of making long distance shots with great accuracy. This can be achieved through added muzzle velocity and an accurate scope. They would be, for the most part, employ all the skills necessary for an actual sniper. Some dedicated airsoft snipers may even employ ghillie suits, for the ultimate in camouflage.