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Airsoft Uzi

The Uzi is a type of compact submachine gun developed by Israeli Defense Forces Major Uziel Gal in the 1940s following the Arab-Israeli War. The gun was named after him against his wishes. They are made up of few parts and as a result are cheap to manufacture and easy to clean. It is an effective weapon that, due to it's small size, is ideal for soldiers fighting in confined places, like bunkers or tunnels. It served just such a purpose when employed against Jordanian and Syrian forces in the Six-Day War in 1967.

Until just recently, Israeli special forces relied heavily on the weapon. In 2003, Israeli military officials announced that they would be phasing out the use of the weapon by Israeli military forces, but would still manufacture the gun for use by Israeli police forces and also to export it to other countries. Other countries where the Uzi is commonly employed include, but are not limited to: El Salvador, Venezuela, Uruguay, The United States, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Rhodesia, The Philippines, Paraguay, Indonesia, Haiti, Germany, France, Columbia, and Belgium. Due to it's widespread popularity with armed forces in so many different countries, total sales by 2001 topped two billion U.S. dollars. There are over 90 countries in all that use the weapon to equip their military and police forces.

Since the Uzi is such a widespread and commonly used weapon, it only stands to reason that the airsoft version of the gun would be popular and sought after. It is especially popular with Milsim players who are trying to recreate battles in the middle eastern theater.