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Airsoft War

The collecting and use of airsoft weapons began in Japan where gun ownership by private citizens is extremely difficult, and requires many hours of classes and expensive permits. The airsoft gun was a solution to this problem, and allowed Japanese gun enthusiasts to own replicas of the weapons they could not legitimately own. The airsoft guns even fired small plastic pellets, making marksmanship training possible as well.

Another use for airsoft weapons is recreation of famous battles. Airsoft enthusiasts have been known to gather in appropriate terrain to imitate certain battles of note. Most of these airsoft wars are fashioned after current battles or recent military encounters. It is much less likely to see participants recreating the American Civil War, as most Airsoft weapons are re-creation's of weapons used in the Second World War and later. This is not to say that airsoft weapons haven't been used for Civil War re-creation's, just that it is more common for players to recreate more current conflicts.

For instance, players who want to simulate the battle of mogadishu might look for a location that has land forms similar to those found on the actual battlefield. Then the players would divide into teams, one representing the american military forces, the other representing the insurgency. Players might also choose to imitate the dress and fighting styles of the forces in question. Another way that players may choose to make the battle more realistic would be to use airsoft weapons that are replicas of the weapons that were used in the original conflict, in this case m16s for the American forces, and ak47s for the insurgents. Ammunition may also be limited, in order to increase realism.