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Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Airsoft sniper rifles spring, electric or gas powered replica guns that fire small plastic bb's with a high muzzle velocity and level of accuracy. There are many models in each category, most are perfect representations of real firearms.

High priced spring powered models generally make good airsoft sniper rifles. These high-end airsoft sniper rifles can cost over a hundred dollars and as much as four hundred dollars. Most spring powered airsoft guns are purchased as a first airsoft gun, due to their low price. But this is not the case when it comes to the more expensive spring operated airsoft sniper rifles. These have a hugh muzzle velocity, and are used mainly for sniping applications in airsoft competitions. The CA M24 SOCOM is a popular example of a spring loaded airsoft sniper rifle. This replica is based on the army's M4 sniper weapon system. In order to convert this airsoft gun to an airsoft sniper rifle requires a few modifications to it's design in order to increase muzzle velocity. Once these modifications have been made, the gun can achieve muzzle velocities of five-hundred feet per second.

Gas powered airsoft sniper rifles are relatively more expensive than spring operated airsoft sniper rifles. But a gas powered airsoft sniper rifle is less reliable in cold temperatures. Some types of gas powered airsoft sniper rifles, because the gas that propels them is less effective in winter weather, will freeze up after just a few shots. For this reason, spring powered airsoft sniper rifles are more widely used than gas powered models. Also, the bolt action on spring powered airsoft sniper rifles is thought to more accurately replicate the sniper rifles commonly used by police and military forces.