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Army Sniper

The United States armed forces uses army snipers to accomplish objectives that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish using a larger force. Sometimes the decision to bring in covert operations is based on the supposed loss of life to a large number of troops. When an objective can be accomplished by a two man sniper team, there would be no need to send in a whole battalion of infantry. Other reasons why command might chose to use an Army sniper is the nature of the target. If a target cannot be engaged by regular troops due to range, size, location, or the fact that the target is prone to flee an army sniper may be used. This is the thinking behind the implementation of the Army sniper.

An army sniper differs from a marine sniper very little, as far as training and ability are concerned. One way they might differ greatly would be the missions they receive. A marine sniper may be called in to snipe from a rooftop to support troops moving on the ground, while it is more likely that an Army sniper will be employed against enemy support vehicles and equipment. This is not to say that an army sniper will not be deployed against human targets. It is likely that an army sniper will have his fair share of human targets as well.

An army sniper who is doing material damage to the enemy's equipment will most likely be armed with a fifty caliber sniper rifle. The larger cartridge of the fifty caliber round gives the fifty caliber sniper rifle more range and power. Because of it's weight, the army snipers equipped with the rifle usually work in three man teams.