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Coon Hunting Dogs

A coon hound is an American member of the ScentHounds group that was specially developed for the unique types of quarry and terrain found in the United States. They were bred when it was discovered that European hunting hounds were not suitable for hunting animals that climbed into trees to escape their pursuers. Some of these animals were bobcats, cougars, opossums, bears, and raccoons. As a result, breeders began to breed another type of dog more suitable for "treeing" prey. They displayed an incredible sense of smell and could track an animal even if it climbed into a tree to hide from them. These hounds had the distinct ability to pursue and tree any number of animals without the benefit of human commands or instructions. A good coon hound would tree an animal, and keep it there until the hunter arrives to shoot it. Often times, the hunter will not chase the hounds, but will wait to hear the distinctive sound a coon hound makes when it has treed the prey, and follow the sound to the tree in question. Coon hounds can hunt in a pack, or by themselves. Though they are called coon hounds, when properly trained, they are useful in hunting all kinds of animals as well. There are several breeds of coonhounds, such as Blueticks, Plotts, Redbones, Black and Tans, Walkers, and English coonhounds, to name a few.

Curs are more of a type of hunting dog rather than a breed. Curs are often used to hunt larger prey such as boars and cougars, but also raccoons. There is no accepted breed standard for the cur. Originally in England the term "cur" meant any hunting dog thirty ponds or heavier. The Catahoula Cur is a fine example of a cur coon hunting dog.