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Custom Tracker Ghillie Kit

Custom Tracker Ghillie Kit
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Item # GSO-400602
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You pick the threads! Our complete custom Tracker kit includes all you need to construct your very own Ghillie Tracker! Kits include 5 lbs. of pre-cut and dyed Jute threads in a 5' x 4' nylon net with 1" x 1" patches. Complete instructions on how to make a total replica of our Ghillie Tracker suit. Best of all, you pick the colors. Select any of our 8 colors with 5 lbs. of jute threads. We also have ghillie suit kits in the 4 most popular color combinations that match our assembled suits. Construct your own now or get one pre-made. Unassembled kits take between 4-5 hours to finish.