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Deer Hunting Gear

Deer hunting, as deer are indigenous to all of the continents besides Antarctica and Australia, is a widespread sport. It is believed that deer hunting dates as far back as 7000 B.C. While early hunters may have had a limited number of tricks and tools at their disposal, deer hunters today employ a variety of tools in their efforts to stalk and kill deer.

Probably the most important tool for for the deer hunter, both prehistoric and today, would be whatever weapon they choose to kill the animal with. This weapon, more often than not, will be a bow and arrows, or a gun of some sort. There is, in most places, a separate season to hunt with each weapon. Use of more primitive weapons than a bow are uncommon in most civilized places, Alabama however, allows the use of thrown spears during bow season.

Due to the acute senses of their quarry, hunters sometimes equip themselves with an array of devices used to trick the deer. For instance, a deer's eyesight is very good, so a hunter would be wise to employ at the least a rudimentary level of camouflage. Some hunters choose to go so far as to employ ghillie suits, much like the ones used by snipers, in order to perfect their camouflage. It is also advised for the hunter to wear a piece of bright orange clothing, a color deemed "hunter orange", in order to identify himself to other hunters, who may shoot him mistaking him for a deer. Since deer are colorblind, the orange safety clothes do not reduce a hunter's chances of killing a deer. The sense of smell of a deer is also said to be very strong, and has foiled many a hunter. In order to mask their scent, hunters often turn to store bought scent masking agents in order to hide their scent.