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The art of camouflaging has been in a constant state of improvement ever since it's implementation in warfare. High powered and accurate weapons have made the use of camouflage a necessity for all military forces. It only stands to reason that due to it's importance, camouflaging would only improve over the years. The newest patterns in camouflage, however, deviate sharply from what had become the norm in military camouflage technology.

The MARPAT, which is short for marine disruptive pattern, Is the current pattern used by the united stated marine corps, and represents the cutting edge of camouflaging technology. This new type of camouflage pattern, instead of using the standard large blotches of color standard in camouflage for so many years, utilizes a micro pattern of small, square "pixels" of color that imitate the boundaries and rough textures found in natural environments. This micro pattern is thought to break up the shape of objects at a much higher success rate than the previous standard pattern.

The United States Marine Corps. have even gone so far as to trademark the name and pattern of their newly devised pattern. The MARPAT pattern is not available to the public in it's military issue form per se, but several imitations of the pattern have found there way to the store shelves, for use by nonmilitary personnel. The U.S. Army followed suit by developing a micro pattern camouflage of their own, which differs from the Marine Corps' version mostly in color. The Army version has no color black, and is almost gray. The Air force has also devised an "Airman Battle Uniform" based on the new MARPAT design and the Vietnam-era "tiger stripe" coloration.