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Sniper Info


In common terms, to camouflage something is to alter it's appearance to the point that the object in question is indistinguishable from it's environment.

While some might consider camo for only the purpose of hiding troops in the field, armed forces around the world have made attempts to camouflage every implement of war imaginable.

The coloration, style, and pattern of camouflage has evolved over it's many years of use. Each generation of camouflage pattern, with the exception of a few failures, is more effective at concealment that the pattern it replaces.

The desert battle dress uniform, commonly called the "chocolate chip" or "cookie dough camouflage" was developed by the United States military in the nineteen sixties for future use by U.S. forces as they interceded in an ever escalating Arab/Israeli conflict.

The art of camouflaging has been in a constant state of improvement ever since it's implementation in warfare. High powered and accurate weapons have made the use of camouflage a necessity for all military forces.

It is thought by some, however mistakenly, that camouflage was first used by armed forces for military applications.

In 1986, a hunting enthusiast named Toxey Haas, intent on making a better camouflage, gathered a bag of debris, consisting of dirt, leaves, and sticks from under his favorite hunting oak tree, and set out looking for someone willing to design a hunting camo based off of the shapes and colors.

A hunting blind is a device utilized by hunters in an attempt to conceal their presence from the animals they hunting. The most common types of hunting blinds are used to hunt ducks.

There are almost as many varieties of camo patterns as there are terrains to use them in. These patterns use colors found in the environment that the pattern is designed to disappear in.

Sniper Information

The term sniper comes from a name given to hunters that specialized in hunting an elusive game bird called a "snipe."

The 50 caliber round is a bullet originally designed for use in the Browning Machine Gun. But the 50 caliber cartridge is also commonly used in sniper rifles.

Airsoft sniper rifles spring, electric or gas powered replica guns that fire small plastic bb's with a high muzzle velocity and level of accuracy.

Airsoft snipers use the same techniques used by snipers in the armed forces. The most effective snipers are never seen by the enemy.

The United States armed forces uses army snipers to accomplish objectives that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish using a larger force.

Snipers are specially trained marksmen who are able to shoot their targets from long distances. Although snipers have inherent shooting powers before they undergo training, many skills must be learned to make a marksman into a sniper.

When the subject of snipers of snipers is brought up, most people think of the sniper against sniper battles of Vasily Zaytsev in World War Two.

German snipers were some of the most feared units during the second world war. After the invasion at Normandy, the German forces were forced to mount a retreat form the approaching allied forces.

While the the use of camouflage and stealth have probably always been a part of the hunting techniques of ancient man, the idea to use these same techniques in combat is a relatively new idea.

The United States Marine Scout Sniper School is regarded as the finest of the sniper training programs. The marine corps currently train their snipers alongside the sniper trainees from the Army and the Navy Seals.

There are many different varieties of rifles that are suitable for use as military sniper rifles. This being said, there are some applications that are better suited for one type of sniper operations than others.

The benefits of having a well trained sniper team to aid in operations of a paramilitary group cannot be understated. Even in the American civil war, sharpshooters called "skirmishers" stayed on the outskirts of the troop position, and scouted for the enemy, killing them when they could, and perhaps drawing others into an ambush.

In popular culture the term sniper has come to mean anyone who uses a rifle on another person from any but the shortest distance.

During the 2002 "Beltway Sniper" attacks, Florida Attorney Jack Thompson suggested that the beltway sniper could be a teenager who had trained on sniping video games, and could possibly be as young as fifteen.

The sniper is equipped with three things: A sniper rifle, ammunition and camouflage. Utilizing these three essential items, a sniper is able to hit targets as far away as a mile and a half

The sniper has three pieces of equipment: his gun, his ammunition, and camouflage. Of these, the sniper gun and ammunition are the most important, as a good sniper could hypothetically shoot a target while far enough away not to be noticed, even without camouflage. A sniper's gun, with it's special modifications can reach targets up to a mile and a half away.

A sniper rifle is a specially modified rifle, that has been specially modified to hit targets accurately at long ranges.

A snipers scope is an advanced telescopic lens, that enables the sniper to accurately hit distant targets.

Training is essential for a sniper if he to hit targets at great distances with any level of consistency. Some of these include, but are not limited to concealment, marksmanship, camouflage, stalking, observation, and stalking.

Snipers in Iraq are increasingly common, as the insurgency trains and deploys sniper teams of their own.

Snipers were employed extensively by both sides during the vietnam conflict.

Snipers were used extensively in World War II to demoralize the enemy and take out important targets.

A sniper paint ball gun is a paint ball marker that has been modified to make precision shots at a longer distance than a regular paint ball marker.

Sniper schools are where an applicant undergoes the training to learn the art of sniping.