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Ghillie Back Pack/Veil 2x3

Ghillie Back Pack/Veil 2x3
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Item # GSO-400573

This is an item you can use as a small Back Pack Cover or Face Veil. Jute threads attach to a 2" x 3" nylon netting. Black zipper ties can help secure a backpack or whatever you want to! Veil is a 100% nylon netting that has a 500 lb. tensile resistance. Our Jute threads are 1-Ply 10 lb. tensile strength manufactured from 100% Tossa Jute Fiber. We attach 4-5 threads of Jute to every square. That's 40-50 lbs. of tensile resistance with every square! It is basically a smaller version of the Ghillie Back Pack Cover that dosen't hang as low to the ground. While hanging down, the Jutes hang down another 11" which allows the suit to cover a bigger surface area.

Desert pattern shown.