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Ghillie Blanket Cover 4 x 6

Ghillie Blanket Cover 4 x 6
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This diverse cover can be used for a blind, blanket, cover for a tree stand, or camouflage for your shelter or bunker. Jute threads are attached to a 4 x 6 nylon netting and includes a pack of black zip ties so you can tie or attach this cover anywhere or to anything. The Ghillie blanket has a 100% nylon netting that has a 500 lb. tensile strength. The jute strands are 1-ply 10 lb. tensile strength made from Tossa jute fiber, just like our Ghillie back Pack Veil. We attach 4-5 jute strands to every square of netting. When hanging up, the jute strands hhang another 11" down, covering a larger area. Many patterns available. Mossy pattern shown.