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Ghillie Jacket & Pants --DISCONTINUED--Try looking at Ultra-light

Ghillie Jacket & Pants --DISCONTINUED--Try looking at Ultra-light

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This is our most popular suit and for good reason. The jacket is a lightweight unit that has an outer shell of inch netting so the wearer can add vegetation to change the color and pattern. The ghillie jacket is made of a bug-proof mesh netting with reinforced molded zippers and elastic sleeves, much like the sleeves on the Varmint Hunter Ghillie Suit. It adds extra protection for your clothes underneath and gives the suit more sturdiness than the other ghillie suits. It is a cool material that will allow air to flow through for comfort. And speaking of comfort, the liner is smooth and makes the suit easy to wear and not itchy. The ghillie jacket only weighs 3 lbs. and includes extra fire retardant.

The Ghillie pants are lightweight with a netting so the user can attach vegetation to alternate the color and pattern. Ghillie pants are constructed of the same breathable and cool material bug-proof mesh netting with reinforced zippers and elastic ankles and draw cords on the waist. Jute strings at the feet hang long so the wearer can cut them according to the desired length. Pants weigh only 2 lbs. and includes fire retardant.

Desert pattern shown above.

Ghillie Pants
M: 32-35
L: 36-39
XL/XXL: 40-47
Ghillie Jacket
M: 34-37
L: 38-41
XL/XXL: 46-56

Hand-Washable Only.
Inquire for extra (optional) burlap kit.

XL Pants Inseam Length: 34"