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Sniper Veils

Never give them a clear shot with a ghillie sniper veil! In sniping situations, the position of a shooter is one of the most important aspects of having a successful mission. Anything that reveals a sniper's position must be eliminated or it could put the sniper and anyone with them in jeopardy. When every movement counts, it is important to remain as still as possible. Head movement can be very exposing in paintballing and hunting scenarios for the would-be sniper. You can greatly reduce your visibility to your head and upper torso with the camouflaging capabilities of a ghillie sniper veil!

In other shooting situations there are many times when the reflections from your scope or eyes is enough to give away your entire position, making you vulnerable to retaliation. With a sniper veil, your face and head are covered and camouflaged, making it much more difficult for the competition to see and target you. Blend in perfectly with a sniper veil!