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Ghillie Pants

When you're out on the field in competition, any advantage you can get could mean the difference in defeat and victory. Be sure you've got the upper hand with the toughness and diversity of ghillie pants for any situation! Ghillie pants can be used as part of a set for total coverage or worn by themselves to drastically reduce your visibility to other players or game out in the field.

Ghillie pants are made with durable materials that have been tested to stand up to the outdoors and any other situation you may find yourself in. Whether you need to be able to move quickly or wait completely still for long periods of time, we've got the ghillie pants that are perfect for your needs. For example, if your strategy is to stay hidden and shoot from a distance you may need to be crouched or laying on the ground for extended periods of time. The extra padding in the sniper style ghillie pants will greatly increase your comfort and reduce weariness in your legs and joints just in case you have to jump up and get on the move in a hurry. With the camouflage and durability of ghillie pants, you can rest assured you've got the best outfit for the job!