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Marc Anthony Bow Hunter Suit

Marc Anthony Bow Hunter Suit
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Item # WBH-MA

This ghillie suit was designed by professional bow hunter Marc Anthony. Marc leads the bow hunting world with the most Boone and Crockett record book whitetails ever taken by a bow hunter. Marc achieved this milestone with the Bushrag Ghillie suit! Crafted of lightweight 100% polyester mesh for a streamlined custom fit that ensures a completely unrestricted range of motion. The shooting arm and chest areas of this ghillie suit is covered in a soft quiet flannel material to minimize noise and interference with the action of the bow's string. Light weight Materials. Drop Down Face Veil. Hood and Waist Adjustments. Pocket Holes. Storage Pocket with Extra String and Leaves. Rolls Up Into Carrier. Molded Zipper Front. Choose from Turkey/Early deer (Woodland) or Fall Deer (Desert) in comment section when ordering.