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Hog Hunting With Dogs

When boar hunting, a dog is used not only used to track the pig, but also to harass the hog once it is caught, exhausting it, and making it easier for the hunter to finish it off. This technique of hog hunting has probably been in practice since before the fifteenth century.

The hunting of wild boars is extremely dangerous. Wild pigs can get very big, and when cornered, are notoriously aggressive. Several breeds of dog have been found to be suitable to go head to head against ferocious feral pigs. Bull dogs have been suggested as a base breed. Other dogs include pit bulls, dogos, and blackmouth curs. It has also been said that a good "catch dog" is dependent on the temperament of the dog, and not so much breeding. A large angry pit bull, who comes from a long line of successful catch dogs, may not be nearly as qualified as a mutt hound, who just likes to tie up with pigs.

In addition to hog hunting, dogs are also employed against hogs in fights to the death, commonly called, "hog dog fights" or "hog baiting". Strangely enough, these fights are still legal, despite attempts by animal rights groups to pass legislation to make them illegal. It has been said that any such measures, if passed, would serve only to drive the sport underground, like cock fighting or dog fighting, and make it impossible to regulate.

Special collars are fitted onto the hog hunting dogs, to protect their neck and chest from the rampaging boar. These protective collars are often made of sheet metal or thick canvas of the type used in fire hoses.