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Hog Hunting

While hunting of hogs for food probably dates back to prehistoric times, the sport hunting of hogs does not. In the middle ages, boar hunting emerged as a sport for nobility. These nobles had no need to hunt for meat, but only desired the thrill of killing an animal with their own hands. The sport was accomplished from horseback with long spears, or in some cases, swords. A hog hunter had to keep a level head and a steady hand, even though the threat of being killed by the quarry was likely. The sport was thought to be good practice for war for nobles, who might otherwise be unprepared for battle against human adversaries. A boar is an extremely dangerous quarry, and has the ability to eviscerate a man in seconds, not to mention the inclination and temperament.

One cannot describe the sport of hog hunting without considering the use of hog hunting dogs. They are the most important tool of the hog hunter, and the use of dogs to hunt pigs dates back as far as the fifteenth century. The dogs are used not only to track a hog on the run, but also to attack it when it is caught. A boar hunting dog is called a "catch dog," and they are selected more on the basis of temperament and instinct rather than dependance on a particular breed. Pit bulls and other varieties of bull dog are often used, because of their tendency to latch onto a hog, and their refusal to let go once the bite is made. This is not to say that they are the only suitable breed of dog for hog hunting, or even the best for that matter.