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Hunting Apparel

Hunting apparel varies according to the type of animal you are hunting. For example, when hunting hogs or foxes with dogs, the need for proper camouflage is eliminated, as the dogs will alert any prey to your approach. Proper footwear becomes more of an issue than proper camo. However, when hunting the white-tailed deer, or any other animal with keen eyesight and other senses, even the most complex and perfect camouflage is sometimes not enough. Hunters who stalk the most intelligent of animals have gone so far as to use ghillie suits just like the ones used by snipers. These are especially popular with turkey hunters as turkeys are notoriously skittish and wary, and have incredible eyesight. As well as the type of animal you are hunting, it is important to consider the terrain that you are hunting in. One does not wear the same pattern of camouflage in the desert as you would in the northern woods, or the same thickness for that matter.

Another important consideration is what style of hunting you are doing. For instance, a waterfowl hunting enthusiast will require hunting apparel fitting of his damp environment, as duck blinds are located near bodies of water and sometimes in marshes. Waterproof boots, coveralls, and perhaps even hip waders may be required. On the other hand, a white-tailed deer hunter, perched high in a deer stand may require warmer clothing to combat the cold wind that is present. While the conditions, and therefore the gear may be different, it is necessary for all hunters to don "hunter orange" safety gear, as to identify themselves to other hunters, and thus, reduce the chances they will be mistaken for an animal, and shot.