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Pop Up Hunting Blinds

When you're out hunting, nothing gives you the upper-hand more than a pop up hunting blind. Animals in the wild rely heavily on their keen senses for survival. Sight and smell can keep a wary animal safely away from the waiting hunter. With a Pop-up hunting blind you can even the odds by cutting down on game's visibility and make your own movements covered behind a blanket of hard to see materials. This can add valuable seconds to the time you have before game sees or smells you and has time to flee. Watch in amazement as game walks right up to you.

When you reduce your visibility to game with a camo blind you greatly increase the chance of coming within range of your target. Hunting blinds not only make you harder to see, they also trap in natural scents that occur in humans that warn and drive off game in the wild. The Pop-up hunting blind weighs 22 lbs., making it easy to transport over any terrain with ease. And if you need to get under cover in a hurry, don't worry; the Pop-up hunting blind sets up in under a minute! And it collapses and can be taken down just as quickly. Perfect for hunters or serious scenario paintball players who can benefit from cover and camouflage but need to keep moving. Give yourself the hunting advantage with a pop up hunting blind!