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Hunting Camo

It is thought by some, however mistakenly, that camouflage was first used by armed forces for military applications. Nothing could be further from the truth. Warfare, in the nineteenth century, was for the most part, fought by soldiers in brightly colored uniforms. While they may have looked impressive in formation, the use of flashy uniforms turned out to do more harm than good. It made it easier for a soldier to identify his brother-at-arms, it also served to identify him as a target to his enemy. The idea to camouflage one's ranks to deceive the opponent came from hunters.

British troops during the occupation of India found that the red uniforms that were then the standard of the british army were making targets of their troops. After observing the way that Irish gamekeepers used hunting camouflage to track and stalk animals, they quickly began to dye their white summer uniforms light brown by soaking them in tea. Camouflage has come a long way since that small innovation, but the fact remains that the idea to use camouflage for battle dress uniforms originally came from hunters.

Today's hunter employs methods of camouflage that make him or her completely invisible to his quarry. Most use a camo pattern that is specifically designed for the region of the world in which they hunt, as well as the type of animal they are hunting. Some even go so far as to cover their human scent with a masking agent. Some hunters that seek out the wiliest of game have gone so far as to employ the same ghillie suits used by covert snipers. While this is probably the most complicated method of camouflage employed by hunter, you can be sure that as soon as camo innovation occurs in the military sector, it will only be a matter of time before it surfaces in the hunting world.