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Breed of Hunting Dogs

A hunting dog can be defined as any dog that aids his human master in hunting wild game. There are several different types of hunting dogs, each suited for a different type of game or style of hunting. This is not to say that any breed of dog cannot be trained to hunt any game, or in any style, just that there are several breeds who are naturally predisposition to certain styles. For instance, a black lab's need to retrieve is strong, and will fetch without being trained to do so.

Hounds are dogs that are used to locate quarry. They are used primarily to hunt fur bearing animals such as rabbits, raccoons, and coyotes. They can be broken down into two groups: Sighthounds are dogs that, due to their incredible sight, can stalk prey from a long distance. The prey is then chased down and killed. This is called "coursing." ScentHounds locate prey by using their acute sense of smell. They are usually run in packs, leading the hunter to a treed quarry. A third group of hounds is the lurcher, which is a sighthound cross bred with a working breed.

Gun dogs, also known as bird dogs, are used by hunters to find game or retrieve game that has already been killed by the hunter. This is especially helpful when hunting waterfowl. They can be divided into three classes: retrievers, flushing spaniels and pointing breeds.

Terriers are used primarily to hunt pest species, such as ground hogs, fox, and badgers. They are especially adept at locating the dens of the quarry. Once they locate the den, they are often employed to flush out the animal or kill it. Curs are used in hunting in a similar way to terriers, but employed against larger prey, such as cougars, boars, or raccoons.