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Hunting Gear

Humankind has been hunting animals for meat since their days as hunter-gatherers. As man has moved further and further away from the process of killing his own food, the need for individuals to hunt their own food has diminished significantly. None the less, modern man still hunts for sport. There are several important pieces of gear the modern hunter may require.

A weapon of some kind is probably the most important piece of equipment a hunter needs. The use of guns, being rifles, shot guns, or handguns, have become the most popular form of hunting. Hunters also still use primitive weapons, such as bows, spears and slingshots. Without a weapon, a hunter would have to kill his prey with his bare hands.

Camouflage is very important to a hunter. By employing comprehensive camouflage, a hunter can avoid detection by his prey. Some hunters also use ghillie suits to for the final word in camouflage. Tree stands or hunting blinds are also employed by the hunter to provide shelter while in the field and a hiding place from his quarry.

Hunting dogs, while not technically equipment, have been used by hunters to track and kill game animals since their domestication. The hunter relies on the keen senses of the hunting dog to find the game, while the domesticated canine relies on the hunter for food and shelter, which it has lost the ability to provide for himself.

A hunter must also seek to mask his scent, as not to alert an animal with a strong sense of smell. An animal that is wary of humans will not stay long in an area that smells like one. There are several different types of scent masking agents available to hunters, that aid him in covering his human scent with one that the animal will not find so alarming.