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Hunting Scopes

A telescopic sight, also known as a scope is a long range aiming device which is commonly attached to weapons that allow the user of the weapon to make more accurate shots at a greater distances than are possible with iron sights. While these devices are typically used with rifles, they have been known to be used with air guns, paintball guns, and crossbows as well.

Telescopic sights have been employed, in some facets, since before the American Civil War on long range rifles. Due to their fragility, and their susceptibility to condensation, breakage, and damage from dirt, they were used very sparingly. Up until the last twenty years, in fact, the American military only issued them to elite sniper units. Some snipers through history have opted against using the delicate telescopic sites for several reasons. One of these could be that it adds weight and size to the rifle. Another reason is that the adverse conditions of the theater of war in question are not suitable for the device. Still others choose to use the iron sites simply because the light reflecting off of the glass lens might possibly give up the sniper's position to enemy troops.

Telescopic sights are classified by a two number system, in which the first number represents the magnification power of the scope, and the second number represents the size of the objective lens. (The objective lens is is the lens that receives the first light rays from the target.) For example: If a telescopic lens is described as a 15x60, this would imply that the scope magnifies the target fifteen times it's viewing size, and has a objective lens diameter of sixty millimeters.