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Kid's Ghillie Suit Set

Kid's Ghillie Suit Set
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This is the very first Ghillie suit made just for kids! This suit comes with everything your child needs to give them complete camouflage. This is a four piece set that includes a seperate jacket, pants, headpiece, and rifle rag all for one low price. It is basically just like the Stealthsuit Ghillie Set but made especially to fit kids. The jacket measures 24" in length and is 46" across so it can easily fit over regular clothing. The pants measure 38" in length and the inseam is 24" and have a drawstring that can be cinched up to fit comfortably around even the smallest waist or let out to be as big as 42".

Let you child's imagination run wild with the fun of having a complete Ghillie suit to run, jump, and play in. Great for kids who love to play army or paintball. And when they see how much fun a ghillie suit is, there's virtually no end to the possibilites for entertainment. Also makes a good "Halloween costume"