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Long Range Hunting

Long range hunting is a style of hunting where sharpshooters make their kills at incredible distances with high powered, custom rifles. Sometimes these shots are made in excess of a thousand yards.

Accuracy is key in long range hunting. A missed shot, when it can't be chalked up to inexperience or lack of skill in the hunter, is often a result of one of two things: an inaccurate rifle, or inaccurate ammunition. Often times a rifles accuracy is directly proportional to it's weight. The heavier the rifle, the more accurate it is. Increasing the weight of a long range rifle is usually accomplished by the addition of a heavy barrel. This must be done with caution, however, because adding a barrel that is too heavy to an action and trigger group that cannot handle the added weight could cause warping and bending of the action. It is important to make sure the action of the rifle in question is sturdy enough and of high enough quality before trying to weigh it down. Barrel length is important because it adds bullet velocity, which in turn, decreases drift and bullet drop. Added weight should also be added to the butt of the stock to balance out the weight of the barrel. The quality of your rounds is also a very important factor in long range hunting. At the very least, matchgrade ammunition should be used.

There are some who say that long range hunting is an unethical practice, saying it isn't sporting, and there is a chance that, from a long range, the shots may not be accurate, and may cause undue suffering to the animal. Supporters of long range hunting insist that their weapons are much more accurate at any range, than a bow and arrows, or a muzzle loader, and much more sporting than hunting with dogs.