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Military Ghillie Suit

For anyone wondering if a ghillie suit is really the best camouflage available today, they need look no further than military history where some of the greatest shots of all time used their incredible skills to turn the tide for their countries and change the face of history. Soldiers like Carlos Hathcock, one of the most famous American snipers in the Vietnam war, who once used a ghillie suit to crawl over a thousand meters of open field to assassinate an NVA officer. At one point during the mission, an enemy soldier nearly stepped on Hathcock while patrolling the area.

Get the ghillie suit that the pros use! With the military ghillie suit you can blend in to your surroundings just like the military snipers do. Whether you're hunting or paintballing, you can be invisible with the camouflage of a military ghillie suit.