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Military Sniper Rifles

There are many different varieties of rifles that are suitable for use as military sniper rifles. This being said, there are some applications that are better suited for one type of sniper operations than others. All rifles that have been outfitted for use by the armed forces as military sniper rifles share a few things in common. A military sniper rifle will be fitted with a large and accurate scope and rifle camo. Through the powerful magnification offered by the telescopic scope, a sniper is able to sight in his scope from distances as far away as a mile and a half. Another characteristic of a military sniper rifle is the fact that it has been configured to fire a center fire cartridge. These are more accurate than rimfire rounds. As well as these things, a military sniper rifle must be "matchgrade", meaning that it has been fine tuned by a master gunsmith for reliability as well as accuracy. A sniper most probably will be using matchgrade rounds as well. Military sniper rifles also feature a floating barrel, that makes as little contact with the stock as necessary. The floating barrel reduces vibration of the barrel. Also, if the rifle has a stock that is made from wood, it is replaced with one made of fiberglass or some other composite material. This is done because wood swells as a result of humidity, and this could easily throw a shot off.

Military sniper rifles come with two different kinds of action: bolt action and automatic. Both varieties have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, the bolt action military sniper rifles have fewer moving parts, making them more reliable. On the other hand, after each shot with a bolt action sniper rifle must be ejected manually, and the next shot loaded manually. The movement caused by a sniper reloading could give away his position. The Automatic models, however, reload automatically, for a much faster rate of fire. Unfortunately, the shell casings from the spent rounds are ejected automatically after every shot, which may give away the position of the sniper.