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Mossy Oak Camo

In 1986, a hunting enthusiast named Toxey Haas, intent on making a better camouflage, gathered a bag of debris, consisting of dirt, leaves, and sticks from under his favorite hunting oak tree, and set out looking for someone willing to design a hunting camo based off of the shapes and colors. The resulting camo would prove to be more effective at concealing the hunter than any before it.

By using the shapes and colors of real objects found in the natural terrain, the original designs by Toxey Haas not only broke up the shape of the hunter, but also allowed the hunter to blend in perfectly with his environment. The utilization of this theory of camouflage pattern design made hunters hard to discern from their surroundings at distances even as close as a few yards. They proceeded to make different variations of foliage patterns for different environments, all with much success.

After much field testing, the designers and hunting experts took their design one step further. They added simulated shadows on top of their already realistic pattern, making it even harder to see the hunter in the wild. In addition to this innovation, (they were the first in their field to use strategically placed shadows on top of their patterns) they have since begun to use computer scanned oak bark and soft gray oak limbs in their patterns. They have even gone so far as to introduce a camo that is specifically designed to mask the presence of a hunter who is hunting in the open field where there is no cover.

After twenty years of camo production, Mossy Oak Camo remains one of the largest providers of high quality bow hunting camo in North America, as well as the world. The company has recently branched out to include wild game seed products, as well as real estate.