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Mossy Oak Hunting Gear

In 1986, a hunter named Toxey Haas, set out to make a better camouflage. He collected soil and leaves from directly under an oak tree, and found someone able to a design a camouflage pattern that mimicked it perfectly. The pattern he created was the most realistic camouflage at the time. By using actual objects found in the woods, the pattern by Toxey Haas allowed the hunter to be completely hidden while in the woods even at very short distances. Several new pattern were developed using this same method, as well as improvements made on the original design.

Today Mossy Oak has branched out from making just high quality camouflage patterns and hunting ghillie suits to encompass almost every aspect of hunting gear. Mossy Oak Biologic, for example, is a division of the company that specializes in seeds, fertilizer, and game safe herbicides, specially designed for use in food plots for deer. They also sell feed corn and chicory seeds, and even a mineral supplement for deer. Other products offered by Mossy Oak include, but are not limited to watches, knives, high quality flashlights, and even snacks. Another division of of Mossy Oak, begun is 2003, is Mossy Oak Properties, which specializes in the buying and selling of rural land for sporting purposes. The company has a web site where interested investors can search, by state, for properties currently on the market that may be suitable for their needs.