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Paintball Ghillie Suits

The idea of a paintball sniper is a misnomer to say the least. This is mainly because it is dubious weather so-called sniper paintball gun offer any more distance or accuracy than to ordinary paintball markers. It is thought that by adding the longer barrel, that you can increase the accuracy offered by an ordinary paintball gun. However, to be legal for play, a paintball can travel at a muzzle velocity of no more than 300 feet per second. How then, can a sniper paintball gun claim to offer longer distance shots? This remains to be seen.

However, besides the complicated weapon system, the skills applicable in real sniping are very useful in paintball play. Especially camouflage. A properly camouflaged player can easily slip past adversaries unnoticed to mount a surprise attack from the rear. This would be useful indeed. And while the sniper paintball gun may be, in many ways, the same as a regular paintball gun, there is one piece of sniper gear that can be utilized by a paintball sniper as effectively as a real sniper does: the Ghillie suit.

A paintball ghillie suit, as you may know, is a pair of BDUs or other suit of clothes, to the front of which a large number of canvas strips or lengths of jute twine are attached, and a sturdy mesh net attached to the back. As a sniper works his way, slowly, towards his objective, he incorporates bits of vegetation into his ghillie suit, until his camouflage is complete. When properly employed, the ghillie suit makes the sniper almost invisible to the untrained eye. The ghillie suit is useful in the same way to a paintball player. Opposing players, if you go unnoticed, will walk right past you, and leave themselves open to a rear attack. The possibilities offered to the paintball player equipped with a ghillie suit are many and varied.