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Paint Ball Snipers

The benefits of having a well trained sniper team to aid in operations of a paramilitary group cannot be understated. Even in the American civil war, sharpshooters called "skirmishers" stayed on the outskirts of the troop position, and scouted for the enemy, killing them when they could, and perhaps drawing others into an ambush. The use of snipers in warfare is becoming as common as warfare itself. With the use of snipers, even the tiniest force can destroy the morale of a much larger, better equipped force. With the high success rate of snipers in actual combat, it only stands to reason that paint ball snipers would be just as useful to a paint ball force.

Much like military snipers, paint ball snipers require specially modified weapons and high quality ghillie suits. Paint ball sniper rifles are generally more expensive than regular paint ball markers. Most feature an extended barrel. This longer barrel adds a purported twenty percent difference in distance and accuracy. Unfortunately, besides this difference, there is little difference between a paint ball marker designed for sniping and one used for marking.

However the paint ball sniper, even without a real advantage in shooting equipment, has other advantages inherent of sniping. The superior camo coverage and stealth can really help out a stranded comrade, who has been pinned down by enemy fire. A paint ball sniper doesn't do as much moving as an actual sniper. When playing as a sniper at paint ball, it is important to lie in wait and let the enemy's attack forces move past, and attack from the rear. Another well known tactic is to take up a position on a high hill to control a larger area.