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Paintball Camo

Camouflage has been used in combat uniforms for many years. The snipers with their ghillie suits and labor intensive camouflaging techniques comes to mind. Hunters have also employed complicated camouflage for the purposes of fooling their quarry, some even going so far as to mask their scents with another odor. Another pursuit that oftentimes includes the use of Camouflage is the sport paintball.

A paintball sniper has much use in the art of camouflage, using it to conceal his location until it is too late. An adept paintball sniper may go so far as to use the sniper's most useful piece of camouflage: the ghillie suit. A paintball ghillie suit is a special suit that has had a large number of jute twine or canvas strips attached to the front, and a mesh netting attached to the back. When properly employed, the ghillie suit will make a paintball sniper look like a pile of brush.

Regular paintball players, who have no interest in paintball sniping, can also benefit from camouflage. For woodsball, depending on the type of terrain you are playing in, a properly chosen camouflage pattern can make you nearly invisible. The Mossy Oak line of camouflage is widely regarded as very effective. However, the brand is rather expensive, and as such, is not often used in paintball play. Mossy Oak markets it's high end camo mostly to hunters. A paintball player would be better off getting a less effective pattern that it won't matter if paint splashes on. The Woodland camo pattern that was widely used by the United States armed forces until just recently, is a safe bet, and can be purchased cheaply at a military surplus store.