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Paintball Equipment

The first paintball marker's original design was used to mark trees from a distance by forestry service workers. After paintball players started using it to play games, the design began to change. every player requires, at a minimum, a paintball gun, paintballs, a mask for protection, and a paintball loader. To protect against accidental firing of the marker a "barrel sock" is also placed over the barrel. Other equipment, depending on the variation of paintball played, may include gloves, elbow and knee pads, paintball ghillie suits,extra paintballs, a squeegee for cleaning out the barrel, a throat protector, and a chest protector.

Hoppers are what a paintball gun uses to load paintballs into the chamber for firing. There are two different types of hopper. Gravity-fed hoppers use gravity to move a paintball out of the hopper and into the gun. These sometimes get clogged up and cause the gun to fire, even though there is no paintball in the barrel. Agitated feeders, on the other hand, feed paintballs into the gun by utilizing some sort of mechanism to move the paintballs into the barrel in an orderly fashion, and thusly avoid jamming.

The mask, sometimes called goggles, are worn to protect the face from the impact of paintballs. Not only does the mask protect the eyes. It also protects the ears, mouth, and nostrils from getting paint in them. Some goggles feature double layers lenses that, because of a layer of air between to layers of poly carbonate plastic, are more resistant to fog. Since the lenses of the paintball goggles are a soft plastic, a scratch resistant solution is often applied. Heavily scratched lenses should be replaced as soon as possible, as they may be more susceptible to breaking with the impact of a paintball, than one that is not scratched.