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Paintball Games

When the first paintball game was played June 7, 1981, the game played was a version of capture the flag. Since that first game paintball enthusiasts have come up with several other types of paintball games to play. Each game varies in it's objectives, and requires a different type of strategy for success.

"Capture the flag" involves two opposing teams, each intent on capturing the other team's flag and bringing back to their own base. "Elimination" is another version of paintball players sometimes engage in. In this game, players on one team attempt to shoot, and by shooting, eliminate every member of the other team's forces. In "king of the hill", both teams attempt to take and hold the same base or bases. Whichever holds the base or bases for the longest amount of time wins the match.

"Woodsball" is a variation of paintball where participants engage each-other in the woods. The trees and limited visibility make close quarters combat necessary, and ambushes common. "Woodsball" is a favorite for paintball snipers. In "woodsball", it is not uncommon to see players use ghillie suits, the ultimate in camouflage, to get the drop on their opponents.

"Speedball" is played in a small field where artificial bunkers have been constructed. Due to the level playing visibility, level playing field and high degree of visibility, the games played go by much faster than a game of "woodsball". The smaller playing field means that it is necessary to use smaller sized teams than "woodsball" as well.

Tournaments are usually played in a "speedball" setting, and have made "speedball" play more popular than "woodsball" with paintball enthusiasts.