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Paintball Ghillie Suit

Paintball Ghillie Suit
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Item # GSO-103699

The paintball ghillie suit is designed especially with the serious paintballer in mind! Seriously decrease your visibility to other paintball players by hiding your head and torso and making them blend with the environment around you. The Paintball Ghillie suit hangs down to cover your chest but leaves the arms uncovered for maximum movement while operating your paintball gun. It is similar to the top of the StealthSuit Ghillie set except it doesn't have sleeves so you can always perform with the most maneuverability. For extra camouflage you can simply tuck your arms under the hanging jute threads.

There�s ample room in the hood for a paintball mask and it�s lightweight construction make it highly mobile. This ghillie suit covers the torso but leaves the legs exposed for great maneuverability. Wear it with camouflage pants to give yourself total coverage for the game. It also includes 3 applications of flame retardant. Woodland pattern shown.