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Paintball Tank and Loader Cover

When a paintball player sets out to conceal himself using camouflage, there are several items that are needed. Of course, the player will require a set of old BDUs or other set of camouflage clothes. Shoes that blend into the surrounding foliage are also suggested. Face paint can also be employed to disguise any exposed skin with colors that will blend into the environment. A player is also required to wear a face mask and goggles. There are several companies that offer these essential items in camouflage patterns. The air tank, that holds the propellant for the marker, can also be concealed by using a camouflage paintball tank cover. With all these accessories properly applied a paintball player may consider himself invisible. But wait, even with all this camo, there is still something missing.

Half of camouflage is breaking up the silhouette of common objects. The perfectly straight barrel of a paintball marker sticks out like a sore thumb when placed in a completely natural environment. There are no straight lines in nature. Also, on most models, the barrel will be black, which also stands out in a natural setting. Worse yet, the barrel could be glossy. Nothing will get you marked faster than a shiny weapon when you are trying to hide in the brush.

Luckily, there are products and techniques that can help out with a shiny barrel. One option is to take a piece of fine sandpaper and scuff the barrel to the point that it is no longer glossy. This is somewhat effective, but will make your marker look shabby. Probably the best option in barrel camouflage is the all purpose Paintball rifle wrap. When applied the camo wrap will not only break up the silhouette of your straight barrel, but also mask it's shine if it is glossy. This way, if you are playing speedball, and have no need for intensive camouflage as you may in woodsball, you can just take it off.