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Paintball Supplies

Paintball guns, also known as markers, are often times the most expensive piece of gear a paintball player will buy. But there are a huge selection of low priced, entry level markers. The marker is made up of three primary parts: The hopper, the body, and the tank. A marker may be sold in a set with these three items included, or more expensive components may be sold separately and assembled by the player. Weapons systems range in price from less than fifty dollars to over fifteen-hundred dollars.

Clothing or uniform is classified as anything that is not included in the weapons system, as well as coverings for the components of the weapon system. An old pair of camouflage BDUs or paintball ghillie suits can be used for woodsball. For speedball tournament play a uniform may be required. There are also protective coverings available for the hopper and tank, as well as rifle wrap for the body and barrel of the marker.

All necessary paintball equipment can be purchased off the internet or from a few forward-minded sporting goods stores. Equipment at the beginner level is extremely affordable, with some low end marker going for as cheap as twenty five dollars. Masks and goggles can also be obtained for a little of nothing. Paintballs themselves are also inexpensive when purchased in bulk. A new initiate to paintball could, most likely, be completely outfitted with all the essential gear for about one hundred dollars. However, you should also not be surprised to see professional paintball markers go for over a thousand dollars. The same goes for professional grade masks, hoppers, and other supplies. For instance, some masks have a double layer of lenses. Because the measure of air between to levels of plastic, masks that employ this feature are less likely to fog up. This is a feature that is only present in the most advanced, and therefore expensive masks. But it is not necessary for a beginning player to have the best equipment right at first. On the contrary, even with the best equipment, an inexperienced player will fare poorly against an ill-equipped, yet experienced, player.