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Paintball Tactics

Paintball players use tactics to defeat their adversaries.

While it may seem like the fast paced and adrenaline filled sport of paintball is nothing more than a wild melee' where the most aggressive team wins. In fact, nothing could be further than the truth. Often times, the game goes to the team with the most well thought out strategy. There are tactics often used by paintball players to defeat their opponents. Tactics vary according to what variation of paintball you are playing. For instance, tactics common to woodsball would produce laughable results when implemented in a game of speedball. The inverse is also true. A woodsball player who attempts a press attack in woodsball will likely be shot in the back by a well hidden player from the other team.

Woodsball tactics are comparable to tactics that might be employed in jungle combat. Elements of camouflage are fundamental. Sniping in woodsball is common. It is also possible elaborately flank your enemy with a well concealed team of snipers. Also, a player left purposely out in the open can draw opponents past will hidden sharpshooters, catching them in a crossfire.

In speedball, bunkers are used for cover and not concealment. Also Camouflage is almost useless, due to the small size of the playing field. Stealth is accomplished by denying the opposing team information regarding your position.

There are also basic tactics that apply to any game of paintball. One of them is to keep moving. A moving target is harder to hit that a stationary one. Also when moving, it is important to take into consideration that a standing player moves faster, but is easier to hit. When stationary, it is advisable to lay down to reduce your target area., but this could be dangerous as it may become necessary to move quickly to another location. Also, while running, all you should do is run. Inexperienced players often try to shoot while running, which slows them down. Also most tactics appropriate for small squads of infantry are applicable to paintball. This includes flanking, ambushing, lane closing, cover fire, and many more.