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Paintball Tank Covers

The tank of the paintball gun is oftentimes a dead giveaway for a paintball player who needs to lay low and hide. This needn't be the case, however, as there are a number of products on the market that attempt to rectify this problem. By covering your tank with a camo tank cover you can reduce it's visibility. While this may seem like an unnecessary vanity, but consider this: If you are completely camouflages, except for one part, and that one part gets you seen, how effective was your camouflage? Your camouflage is only as effective as it's least effective component. What good is having the most advanced form of camouflage (which is, in my opinion, the ghillie suit,) if your weapon sticks out like a sore thumb? To complete the illusion, a camo tank cover may be the only thing standing between you and a barrage of paintballs from your adversaries.

Also hoppers have started to move from gravity fed distribution, to one that is based on agitating paintballs into the barrel of the paintball gun, by way of some sort of mechanism. This innovation allows for the tank to be attached from the front of the gun, instead of from the top. This makes for a sleeker paintball gun. Even with a front mounted, and thusly, a sleeker paintball design, a camo cover for your hopper is still an important piece of camouflage. A front mounted hopper will most likely, still be mat black, or a shiny plastic, and prone to give you away. For a very modest price, most paintball outfitters will sell you a camo cover for your hopper, as well as one designed for your particular tank.