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Paintball is a survival game played with paint guns called "markers".

Paintball players use tactics to defeat their adversaries.

Various supplies are required to play paintball.

A rifle wrap can be used to camouflage the barrel of a paintball gun.

Paintball markers (also known as paintball guns) are the primary tools used to play paintball.

Advanced paintball snipers may choose to incorporate a ghillie suit into their play style.

There are several types of games that paintball players participate in.

Paintball players use several distinct pieces of equipment.

Paintball players often utilize camouflage to better the game.

A paintball camo tank cover will help you to avoid detection when playing woodsball.


The airsoft g36 is a replica of the Heckler and Koch g36 assault rifle capable of firing plastic pellets.

Airsoft is a type of survival game that utilizes replica guns that fire plastic pellets.

Airsoft grenades are throwable devices that deliver a large payload of plastic pellets where it impacts.

Airsoft enthusiasts often gather in groups to wage simulated war upon each other using airsoft guns.

The airsoft mp5 is a replica of the Heckler and Koch mp5 compact submachine gun capable of firing plastic pellets.

An Airsoft uzi is a replica of an uzi that fires plastic pellets for use in airsoft play.

Airsoft guns are replicas of firearms designed to fire small plastic pellets which are used in simulated gun battles.

Airsoft sniper rifles are airsoft guns that are configured for accuracy and long distance shots.

An Airsoft thompson is a replica of the thompson submachine gun which fires plastic pellets.

An airsoft rocket launcher is an airsoft weapon capable of firing a large payload of airsoft pellets on an enemy position.

The airsoft p90 is a replica of the p90 compact submachine gun capable of firing plastic pellets.


Deer are hunted with a rifle, shotgun, or bow and arrows. Bow hunting has a separate season than gun hunting. Still other hunters choose to hunt with primitive weapons, such as a musket and black powder.

Fox hunting, more often than not, refers to using hunting dogs to chase a fox, and pursuing them on horseback.

There are several breeds of dogs that are suitable for hunting wild game.

Waterfowl have been hunted for their meat and feathers since prehistoric times. Pictures of waterfowl grace the wall drawings of ancient peoples in Europe and Egypt, as well as South America.

While hunting of hogs for food probably dates back to prehistoric times, the sport hunting of hogs does not. In the middle ages, boar hunting emerged as a sport for nobility.

Bow hunting is the practice of killing animals with the primitive weapon of bow and arrows.

When boar hunting, a dog is used not only used to track the pig, but also to harass the hog once it is caught, exhausting it, and making it easier for the hunter to finish it off.

In 1986, a hunter named Toxey Haas, set out to make a better camouflage. He collected soil and leaves from directly under an oak tree, and found someone able to a design a camouflage pattern that mimicked it perfectly.

Hunting apparel varies according to the type of animal you are hunting. For example, when hunting hogs or foxes with dogs, the need for proper camouflage is eliminated, as the dogs will alert any prey to your approach.

A good shotgun is the most important piece of equipment for a turkey hunters. Most hunters use the 12-gauge shotgun. it is ill advised to use anything smaller because it increases the chances of crippling the bird, and not making a clean, humane kill.

The common raccoon is a member of the species "procyon" and are special, due to the fact that they have a thumb.

The term "vermin" refers to a pest, or nuisance animal, especially if it has the capacity to carry a disease that can either be transmitted to people, or, more commonly, that can be transmitted to livestock or other farm animals.

Rabbits are small mammals found in most parts of the world There are several animals that are classified in the rabbit family, they include:

Deer hunting, as deer are indigenous to all of the continents besides Antarctica and Australia, is a widespread sport.

Archers generally have to make their shots from forty-five yards or less. Because of this short distance between hunter and game, there are several factors that come into play in bow hunting that are not as important when rifle hunting.

Humankind has been hunting animals for meat since their days as hunter-gatherers. As man has moved further and further away from the process of killing his own food, the need for individuals to hunt their own food has diminished significantly.

Rabbits are found in most parts of the world They are not rodents, as they may appear, but are actually members of the order lagomorpha.

Long range hunting is a style of hunting where sharpshooters make their kills at incredible distances with high powered, custom rifles. Sometimes these shots are made in excess of a thousand yards.

A hunting blind is a hiding place used by hunters to conceal their positions from the prey they seek. Commonly, hunting blinds are associated with hunting waterfowl, but bow and rifle hunters hunting deer and turkeys have been know to use them as well.

The coyote, or prairie wolf, is one of the very limited number of wild mammals that have increased their territory despite human encroachment.

Elk is the second largest species of deer in the world after the Moose, and also among the largest mammals in North America.

A telescopic sight, also known as a scope is a long range aiming device which is commonly attached to weapons that allow the user of the weapon to make more accurate shots at a greater distances than are possible with iron sights.

A coon hound is an American member of the ScentHounds group that was specially developed for the unique types of quarry and terrain found in the United States.

Waterfowl hunting refers to the hunting of several types of aquatic birds, but most commonly ducks and geese.

Turkey hunting is a type of hunting that is not for impatient hunters. To those who want their hunting to be easy requiring little effort and gear will find turkey hunting a too difficult a game.

The prairie dog is a small rodent that is indigenous to the plains of North America. They grow to a size of between 14 and 18 inches.