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Pop Up Hunting Blinds

A hunting blind is a device utilized by hunters in an attempt to conceal their presence from the animals they hunting. The most common types of hunting blinds are used to hunt ducks. Designs of hunting blinds can range from a simple indention in a dyke to a fully functioning underground cabin. Another suggested design is simply a bunch of hay bales pushed into a square with false front. A blind can be anything that succeeds in hiding the hunter. That being said, the possibilities and innovations are virtually endless.

One such innovation is the pop-up blind. The term "Pop up hunting blind" refers to the type of hunting blind that is prefabricated and can be set up or taken down in as little as a few seconds. These have become popular with bow hunters, as well as rifle hunters. These pop-up-blinds, like regular blinds, vary in price and quality. Some of the more expensive models are made from high quality materials and are designed to shield the hunter from the elements. Other, cheaper models are advertised as disposable. It is key to select a blind that is correct for your hunting style. Also your size is an important factor to consider. Some models will undoubtedly be to small to be useful to a larger hunter. On the other hand, a pop-up blind that is to large will not blend in, in some of the more open hunting terrain. These factors, as well as a blind's adaptability to different types of hunting are important things to think about before selecting the pop up hunting blind that is correct for your purposes.

It is illegal to hunt some animals from a blind in some states. Some blinds, such as a "sink box" which submerges the hunter halfway under water, are illegal to hunt with anywhere in the United States.